Meet Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs L Robson – Acting Headteacher

Miss A Abrahams – Acting Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo

Mrs C Woolley-Buckley – Assistant Headteacher and GPS and Writing Lead

Miss L Jepson – Maths Lead

Mrs L Woolley - NQT Lead

Class Teachers

Miss D Jacobs - 3A

Miss P Bowen-Green - 3B

Mr P Mangham - 4A

Mrs C Woolley / Miss Jepson - 4B

Mrs J Hammond - 4C

Miss D Green - 5A

Mrs V Divit - 5B

Mr M Dawson - 5C

Mrs C Woolley-Buckley - 6A

Mrs S McVeigh - 6B

Miss Z Elliott - 6C

Office Staff

Mrs H Pearce – School Business Manager

Mrs B Briddock – Admin and Finance Manager

Premises Staff

Mr I Price – Site Supervisor

Mrs C Cartwright

Mrs S Ottley

Mrs C Tamasi

Mrs M Vickers

Senior Support Staff

Mrs G Ashton – Pastoral and Inclusion Support Mentor

Miss S Phillips – Sports Coordinator

Mrs S Davis – HLTA

Mrs F Woolhouse – HLTA

Mrs H Yellowley – HLTA

Support Staff

Mrs L France – Teaching Assistant

Miss E Shaw - Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Mrs R Slack – Teaching Assistant

Miss M Wilkinson – Teaching Assistant

Miss D Savage – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Callear – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Booth - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Eastell - Teaching Assistant

Miss F Pearson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Plant – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Woodcock - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Underwood – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Simpson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Steeden – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bradbury – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Ashton – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Cawley – Teaching Assistant

Mr B Barlow – Teaching Assistant and Sports Coach

Mrs E Stancliffe – Teaching Assistant

Miss Z Dargie – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Hollin – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Ratcliffe - Teaching Assistant

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Miss Y Casterton

Mrs H Cutts

Mrs P Fraser

Ms Z Gunn

Miss S Holford

Mrs J Jennings

Mrs K Clements

Mrs L Hill

Mrs M Richardson

Kitchen Staff

Mrs A Pemberton – Cook in Charge

Mrs B Lightfoot – Assistant Cook

Mrs L Greenway

Mrs L Myers

Mrs C Stewart

Mrs J Thomson

Mrs M Wild

ICT Support

Mr S Liversidge

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day 2020

11 Sep 2020

Our First Reading Festival Day Celebrating the Wonderful Roald Dahl As well as inviting all of our children to come dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl character, we had a range of exciting activi...

Sensational Start to School

09 Sep 2020

We have absolutely loved welcoming our children, families and staff back to school. To hear the corridors alive with a happy buzz of children's voices is music to our ears! We have missed everyone so...

Performing Arts Loo Roll Challenge

21 Apr 2020

It is with brimming eyes that our Performing Arts cast proudly present their 'Loo Roll Challenge'.  But it comes with a may need tissues! This week should have seen the final perf...

World Book Week

07 Mar 2020

What a week we have all had, with a focus on books, books and more books. Children across school have been developing their love for reading through an exciting range of a...

Reading in unusual places

07 Mar 2020

Our annual reading in unusual places competition has had lots of interesting entries. Check out some of these weird and wacky places.

Football Success

07 Mar 2020

Congratulations to our amazing football team who have made it through to the finals. They won 3-0. Well done everyone, very proud of you all.


07 Mar 2020

A big thanks to Mr Munday who joined us for an action packed science assembly. We absolutely love Mr Munday visiting and showing us some amazing scientific experiments.

Tag Rugby

07 Mar 2020

Our Y5 thoroughly enjoyed their PE afternoon - playing Tag Rugby and demonstrating outstanding attitudes throughout.


06 Mar 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 98.2%. We are very proud of everyone for making this happen. Outstanding!!!


29 Feb 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 97.7%. We are very proud of everyone for making this happen. A great start to...