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Performing Arts Loo Roll Challenge

21 Apr 2020

It is with brimming eyes that our Performing Arts cast proudly present their 'Loo Roll Challenge'.  But it comes with a may need tissues! This week should have seen the final perf...

World Book Week

07 Mar 2020

What a week we have all had, with a focus on books, books and more books. Children across school have been developing their love for reading through an exciting range of a...

Reading in unusual places

07 Mar 2020

Our annual reading in unusual places competition has had lots of interesting entries. Check out some of these weird and wacky places.

Football Success

07 Mar 2020

Congratulations to our amazing football team who have made it through to the finals. They won 3-0. Well done everyone, very proud of you all.


07 Mar 2020

A big thanks to Mr Munday who joined us for an action packed science assembly. We absolutely love Mr Munday visiting and showing us some amazing scientific experiments.

Tag Rugby

07 Mar 2020

Our Y5 thoroughly enjoyed their PE afternoon - playing Tag Rugby and demonstrating outstanding attitudes throughout.


06 Mar 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 98.2%. We are very proud of everyone for making this happen. Outstanding!!!


29 Feb 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 97.7%. We are very proud of everyone for making this happen. A great start to...

Week ending 28-02-20

29 Feb 2020

This week at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School has been a very busy one, from deciding on the best toppings for pancakes as part of our work around Shrove Tuesday to explorin...

World Kindness Day

29 Feb 2020

Our school community had a focus on kindness this week; children who are part of the scouts, brownies, cubs and guides came to school in their uniforms.

A special birthday

29 Feb 2020

We celebrated a special birthday for one of our teachers this week. Happy Birthday Mrs McVeigh.

Sporting Success

29 Feb 2020

Congratulations to our basketball team who finished in third place in the Rotherham Finals. Well done.

Celebrating from home

29 Feb 2020

We always love to see those happy smiley faces when our postcards arrive at home and when we are so proud of our school acheivements. Well done everyone.

Julia Donaldson Day

17 Feb 2020

After our previously successful author days, this week we held a focus reading day exploring the works of Julia Donaldson. Children in each year group chose their favourit...

Home creations

17 Feb 2020

We are always very grateful for the effort our children and families put into our school events. Check out some of these photos.

Ofsted 2020

17 Feb 2020

We have had such as busy end to this half term with so much to celebrate. We are very proud to share our latest Ofsted outcome - Ofsted agree that we are still a good school.


17 Feb 2020

Some of our Y6 children continue to learn a variety of musical instruments and are making really pleasing progress. This week they showcased their talents.

Butterfly House

14 Feb 2020

Our Y3 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to The Butterfly House this week - this visit provided the perfect opportunity to see and learn lots more about the life cycl...


14 Feb 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week exceeded our target with attendance of 97.9%. Very proud of everyone for making this happen. A great end to the half te...

Finding our talents

13 Feb 2020

So incredibly amazed by these photographs taken by our very own Molly in Y5. Such talent!


11 Feb 2020

From 40 Rotherham schools, our U11 athletics team made it through to the Rotherham finals. We finished in second place and have now made it through to the South Yorkshire finals. We are so proud o...

Week ending 07-02-20

09 Feb 2020

The highlight for Y5 this week has been their visit to the National Space Centre; this provided the children with first hand experiences through a range of interactive work...


09 Feb 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we just exceeded our target with attendance of 96.9%. Very proud of everyone for making this happen; let's see if we can...

Home achievements

01 Feb 2020

It is always great when our families share some of the amazing out of school achievements that our children experience. Check out some of these photos; from dance shows to...

Week ending 31-01-20

01 Feb 2020

This week, learning across school has been exciting, engaging and motivating for our children. In science learning about electricity has continued across our Y6 classes,...

A big thank you

01 Feb 2020

A big thank you to Nikki Leddingham who follows our school journey on twitter.  She has very kindly sent us this amazing book and message of school support. Thank you.


01 Feb 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 97.8%. Very proud of everyone for making this happen.


26 Jan 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 97.5%. Very proud of everyone for making this happen.

Week ending 24-01-20

26 Jan 2020

This week has been a very busy... Look at some of the photos of our incredible work; you will see our 3BG children painting dragon fruits – linked to their art work...

Mental Health First Aider

18 Jan 2020

We are extremely proud of Miss Green, our PSHE lead, who has attended and passed an intensive two day training course.   She is now accredited as a Mental Health First Aider. This means that...

Week ending 17-1-20

18 Jan 2020

This week our learning has been taken to another level... Our stargazing evenings were well attended by our Y5 team.  I think the hot chocolate and toasting marshmall...

Celebrating with our families

18 Jan 2020

  We are always very proud of our children in respect of their learning in school, how they celebrate and share this at home, as well as their commitment to thinking of others. This week we...


18 Jan 2020

Every week we strive to at least meet our attendance target of 96%. This week we exceeded our target with attendance of 98.3%. Very proud of everyone for making this happen.

Journey through life

11 Jan 2020

As part of our RE lessons in 5J we have been reflecting on our journey through life so far and considering the future.  What pathways might we take?  Who or what might influence us along t...

Week ending 10-1-20

11 Jan 2020

Our first week back has been action packed and engaging. Check out some of the pictures from across all of our classes that provide just a little insight into the learning...

Inclusive PE

09 Jan 2020

As part of our weekly inclusive PE sessions, we work with a whole range of professionals and experts in a range of different sports. This week we worked with a cricket exp...

Making informed decisions

09 Jan 2020

3BG - In English, we took a vote to see whether Jim cutting down the Beanstalk was the right thing to do. We had to be able to justify our responses using the conjunction 'because'.

Books, books and even more books...

05 Jan 2020

Everyone at school is so excited about reading; our various events throughout the term along with our inspiring English curriculum have really ignited that love of reading. Our countdown to Christmas...

Christmas at Bramley Sunnyside

20 Dec 2019

Christmas 2019 has been action packed; we have put on 8 performances for our families, produced calendars and Christmas cards to share with loved ones and thoroughly enjoyed being together. In our co...

Extending our design and technology into Christmas

18 Dec 2019

Designing and making our Christmas decorations - we were fully engaged in Y4 in our DT projects.

Y6 Enterprise

16 Dec 2019

As part of our enterprise project today, Y6 met with Mr Hair one of our governors who works in finance. They learned about running businesses, managing debt and making profit. Thanks to Mr Hair fo...

Democracy and the power of voting

12 Dec 2019

Election Day - understanding how a constitutional democracy works. We discussed the right to vote, who can vote and what it means to vote.

School choir performs at Rotherham Minster

06 Dec 2019

For the fifth year running, our choir were invited to sing at the Rotherham Minster.  We came together with other Rotherham schools, along with our families for an amazing afternoon of singing....

Reading Hub

06 Dec 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team of reading volunteers who come into school every week to read with some of our children.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed add...

Winter Wonderland (FABSS)

05 Dec 2019

We’re pleased to announce that Winter Wonderland 2019 raised £1209.50. We can’t thank the FABSS volunteers and school staff enough for helping to raise this incredible amount of mo...

Well-being ambassadors

05 Dec 2019

A huge shout out to our amazing well-being ambassadors who ran a stall at the Winter Wonderland.  They offered great advice and strategies to help in managing well-being.


04 Dec 2019

In class 3H, the children have been learning about friendships as part of their PSHE lessons.  Working together and thinking of others we made our own friendship web.

Breakfast Club

03 Dec 2019

Our newly formed breakfast club is going from strength to strength - following a healthy breakfast, the children have a range of different activities to wake up their brains and bodies. Today it was...


29 Nov 2019

In year 5 we have been learning about teamwork in our PSHE lessons.  We have looked at how teamwork can help solve problems, help us learn new things and most importantly work things out together...

Football success

29 Nov 2019

A massive round of applause to our amazing boys who came runners up and are now through to the South Yorkshire Finals and to our fantastic girls who came third (just one point difference!)

Lights, Camera, Action

29 Nov 2019

Y4 - As part of our science themed learning - Lights, Camera and Action, we were lucky enough to visit the Civic Theatre in Rotherham to see the amazing performance of Sleeping Beauty. We not only en...

Frottage in Y6

29 Nov 2019

Mrs Hammond delivered CPD on the technique 'frottage' to our teachers.  Our Y6 staff have then worked really hard in teaching it to the children.

Art and History

26 Nov 2019

We really enjoy finding links in learning between different subjects. Today we applied our art skills linking to our history project on Ancient Greeks. Greek Vases

CPD for our staff

26 Nov 2019

Our teachers are always looking for newlearning opportunities.  Tonight was all about developing our art skills and how our Picture This Project 2020 will be planned. Thank you to Mrs Hammond fo...

Reading at home

24 Nov 2019

We always actively encourage children to read at home.  In year 3 this term we have introduced a character reading incentive in some of our classes. Check out Pingu's adventures at home..

Problem Solving

24 Nov 2019

We love a problem to solve - even better if it is linked to maths.


24 Nov 2019

We always appreciate the incredible home - school communication that we have here at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School. Thanks to this young man's mum for sharing this photo. A postcard home for tryin...


22 Nov 2019

Experimenting with pitch in science yesterday afternoon. How does the water change the pitch of the sound.

Charity Work in Y6

22 Nov 2019

We were so excited in Y6 to see this article, and our photo, printed in the Rotherham Advertiser. We have been raising money for a local animal charity (PAWS) by organising a toy donation.

Sharing when we are proud

21 Nov 2019

This young lady was so proud of her published piece of writing, she wanted to share it with the world. Here we go...

Miss Bowen-Green graduates in style

20 Nov 2019

Miss Bowen-Green had a lovely day celebrating hergraduation, especially being awarded  the Rotherham Feoffees bursary for outstanding teaching by the trustees of Rudston. We are all very proud o...

Harry Potter Focus Day - Music

19 Nov 2019

As part of our Harry Potter focus day, we used notation to help us learn to play the theme tune on the glockenspiels. Whilst a bit tricky, we were able to use all of the knowledge from our previous l...

Harry Potter Focus Day - Potion Making

19 Nov 2019

As part of our Harry Potter focus day - one of our parent workshops was focused on science and involved making potions. Thanks to everyone who signed up - hope you learned lots about different materi...

Harry Potter Focus Day - Clay Work

19 Nov 2019

As part of our Harry Potter focus day - we worked with our families on various workshops. One workshop, which was very well attended, was the 'making a clay Mandrake' We learned lots about how to at...

Harry Potter Focus Day - Dressing for the Occasion

19 Nov 2019

Such an incedible effort, as always, from our children for Harry Potter Day.

Harry Potter Focus Day - Slime

19 Nov 2019

Slime making was an extremely popular workshop on our Harry Potter focus day. We learned all about combinations of materials and the reactions they produce - some are not reversable and very messy.

Table Tennis

18 Nov 2019

Let’s hear for the boys who worked tirelessly to come third in the South Yorkshire Table Tennis Championships. Our girls only went and won - South Yorkshire Champions!!!!

Walker Morris Calendar Competition 2019-20

16 Nov 2019

We were overwhelemd with the quality and outcomes on display this year at the annual Walker Morris Calendar presenation in Leeds. We were very proud to have winners and ru...

Thinking of others

15 Nov 2019

As part of our work on 'thinking about others' we linked our CIN fundraiser to our big focus on anti-bullying. Our student leadership team led our showcase of learning ass...

Working Windows

13 Nov 2019

We are loving our new working windows which are helping us to remember key facts in our maths lessons this week.

Remembrance Service

11 Nov 2019

Thank you so much to the local Parish Council for letting us come down to pay our respects and for organising the Last Post to be played at the eleventh hour. It was a very...


11 Nov 2019

We were so proud to have so many children represent our school at the community Remembrance Service held in St Francis' Church and then at the Cenotaph.

Reading Fun

06 Nov 2019

Making direct retrieval fun and engaging.

The Ancients in Year 5

04 Nov 2019

What a great star to our new school year Year 5 have had!  We have already enjoyed taking part in some exciting activities including our Roald Dahl Day (when we got to dress up like characters fr...

Sporting Success

22 Oct 2019

Wow! This half term we have started in style and as we mean to go on - winning and taking part in as many competitions as possible! We are on a winning roll and are excited for what the next half t...

Hockey Winning Team

22 Oct 2019

We are definitely on a winning streak...time to congratulate the Rotherham Final Winners! Well done to everyone who took part - great inter school sports.

Hello Yellow

10 Oct 2019

We had a wonderful day raising awareness about the importance of keeping our minds healthy as well as our bodies. Everyone had an amazing day - working together as a team and celebrating our own in...


30 Sep 2019

What an astounding achievement - raising £413.40 for such a worthy cause. Thank you to all our families who donated buns and cakes to sell as well as joining us on our coffee afternoon to rai...

Y5 Hands-on History Visit

26 Sep 2019

This was certainly a hands-on visit where the children learnt the art of mummification and come face to face with a real mummy! They even got to go under the wrappings to explore this ritual and inv...

Y6 Visit to Chester Zoo

24 Sep 2019

What a fantastic visit! Even the rain could not dampen the spirits of our visit to Chester Zoo: the children were in awe of the impressive array of animals and learnt so much! From 27,000 animals...

Y6 Visit to Crucial Crew

20 Sep 2019

Year 6 had an amazing experience at Crucial Crew learning life skills regarding how to ensure they are safe and well-equipped for their future lives. From learning how to cross a road, be responsib...

Breakfast Club

17 Sep 2019

Breakfast Club is proving successful for our families, running everyday from 07:45 until the start of the school day. Our children are enjoying spending extra time with the friends and making new one...

Meet the Teacher Afternoons

17 Sep 2019

A huge thank you to all our families who came to our Meet the Teacher afternoons: they were very sccessful and the children loved spending additional time working in collaboration with you (one of o...

Roald Dahl Day

17 Sep 2019

Wow! What an amazing day! We have had an truly fantastic day from start-to-finish. Opening with a Stay and Read session was very popular and our Quentin Blake artshops were bursting at the seams with...

Year 3 Visit to Weston Park

17 Sep 2019

Firsthand experience at Weston Park Museum was enjoyed by all during the year 3 visit! From action-packed workshops featuring art and drama, to exciting discoveries about the Bronze Age period, our c...

Y3 Visit to Weston Park Museum

16 Sep 2019

A very hands-on and exciting visit exploring the bronze and iron age periods, dressing up and making art work.

School receives a platinum 'The School Games Mark'

20 Aug 2019

BSJS is very proud of receiving the highest award for our outstanding PE team and the dedication of our children, families and staff. Wow! Please can we say a huge thank you for the continued support...

5D visit Cleethorpes

14 Jul 2019

Class 5D were super readers throughout 2018-19 and won our reading challenge on a number of occassions. They used their winnings to plan and book a day visit to Cleethorpes....

Wickersley School and Sports College Sports Presentation

14 Jul 2019

We are very proud to have been presented with two special awards at WSSC sports presentation. We won an award for 100% participation in all partnership school sports events!! One of our children was...

Y6 End of Year Prom

14 Jul 2019

We said a fond farewell to our Y6 children last week. They have been an amazing group of children - each with unique skills and talents. As they all move onto their secondar...

Y3 Robotics Coding Event

02 Jul 2019

Super day at Magna robotics for some of our Y3 children. Our next generation of coders!

AMRC Primary Engineers

02 Jul 2019

An amazing day for our Primary Engineers club, who visited AMRC to test out their buggies. They had various tests to perform and also had to present to the judging panel. We...

Picture This 2019

02 Jul 2019

This year we have focused on three impressionist pieces of art work by Monet, Degas and Renoir. Our children have been inpsired by these works of art and have produced an ou...

90th Celebrations 1929-2019

27 Jun 2019

Words cannot describe the incredibly special day we had in school, bringing together our work through the decades. Our school opened in 1929 - 90 years ago and we have showc...

Sports Presentation 2019

26 Jun 2019

A huge shout out to the school PE team for organising an incredible Sports Presentation. A number of children received awards for their contribution to sports acros school....

Y5 Geography Fieldwork Visit

24 Jun 2019

As part of the geography themed project this term, our Y5 classes visited Castleton and explored the 'journey of a river'.  They used a variety of fieldwork skills...

Y3 and Y4 Sports Day 2019

20 Jun 2019

Y3/4 Sports Day was a huge success. Everyone demonstrated an outstanding attitude and thoroughly enhoyed the variety of sporting activitiesand challenges. The winning team w...

Y5 and Y6 Sports Day 2019

20 Jun 2019

A great time was had by everyone during our Y5 and Y6 Sports Day. The rotation of games and activities kept everyone engaged and active for the full afternoon. The winning t...

STEM - working in partnership with AMRC

13 Jun 2019

The children in one of our Y4 classes had a fantastic day 3D printing some designs to decorate their primary engineer cars.  Thanks to Anna from AMRC for working with us. Watch this space f...

Working with Ann Foxley-Johnson - Anti-bullying Ambassador

13 Jun 2019

Stop, say, listen, think, choose. Thanks to Ann Foxley-Johnson for the fantastic conflict resolution morning with Y3 and Y4.

Year 6 London Residential

13 Jun 2019

As part of the Y6 residential visit to London, our children spent the whole afternoon visiting the Harry Potter Studios. They all had an incredible time and thoroughly enjoy...

Year 6 London Residential

13 Jun 2019

Our Y6 children had an action packed two days in London, where they saw some of the famous landmarks, enjoyed a River Thames Cruise and watched Wicked, in the West End. The...

Lucie's out of school swimming achievement

09 Jun 2019

Lucie class 4S completed stage 8 swimming x Well done.

75th D-Day Commemoration

06 Jun 2019

What a wonderful commemoration of the 75th D-Day anniversary in the parish of Bramley. We were honoured to take our student council to represent our school. We laid a wreath...

SEND Youth Club for the local community

04 Jun 2019

The Stone Age has arrived!

24 May 2019

Year 3 have had a fantastic half term beginning their exciting new topic of 'We're the Flintstones'. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the life and times of the Stone Age and have developed a fant...

Year 3's Sensational Spring Term

24 May 2019

What a sensational Spring term Year 3 have had! Throughout Spring term we learnt all about Earth's natural disasters and their devastating effects. Our geography based topic allowed us to venture in...

Up, up and away in Y6!

24 May 2019

Year 6 have had a busy yet fun-filled half term. We have shown true determination leading up to and during our SATs assessments. We then enjoyed some well deserved down time and made an excellent sta...

Short but sunny, furry and funny in Year 5!

24 May 2019

Year five children have enjoyed a short yet busy summer half term.  We started by looking at our Picture This! project.  We have been creating various different pieces of work inspired by th...

Rounders Event

23 May 2019

3rd Place for our incredible U11 rounders team. Well done everyone, very proud.

Quick Sticks Hockey

23 May 2019

3rd place for our quick sticks hockey team. We have some amazingly talented U9 children who have represented our school incredibly well. Very proud.

Tri Golf

23 May 2019

Winners of the tri golf competition. Such a sporty month of May. Very proud of our team.


23 May 2019

2nd place for our orienteering team. Amazing team ethic from these children. Great ambassadors for our school. Well done.

RUFC Community Trust Rotherham School's Tournament

18 May 2019

A huge congratulations to our U11 football team who played at RUFC this week. They played with talent and determination to battle through to the finals. Winning 4-0, they became the champions. W...

Y3 Residential visit to PGL at Caythorpe

18 May 2019

76 of our Y3 children headed off on their very first residential visit to Caythorpe Court in Lincoln, where they stayed at a PGL centre. Over the two days, the children face...

Netball Tournament U11s

14 May 2019

Congratulations to our U11 netball team who won their festival competition this week.  This means they are through to the next stage. Outstanding teamwork and excellent sportsmanship from the w...

Working in Partnership with Mrs Foxley Johnson

09 May 2019

Our children had a fantastic afternoon working with Ann Foxley Johnson. They were exploring the power of words and provided some truly amazing responses. Well done everyone for engaging so well on s...

Tag Rugby Event

02 May 2019

  What an amazing day for our U9 and U11 Tag Rugby teams, who have spent the day competing against a number of other schools. Both teams finished top of their groups, with the U11 team winnin...

Meet our Year Group Leads and Phase Leaders.

29 Apr 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Year Group Leads and Phase Leaders.  As always, we operate an open door policy, so if you have any worries, please speak to your child&rsqu...

Performing Arts 2019

18 Apr 2019

Well done to our amazing children and staff who showcased their performance of Mary Poppins Jnr. Everyone worked so hard and put in so much effort. Comments from our families include the following: '...

Easter 2019

18 Apr 2019

During our Easter service, children from Y3 to Y6 took us through the events that happened in Holy Week.  They shared written work along with creative arts to represent their understanding. The...

Book Week 2019

09 Mar 2019

Week commencing 4th March was Book Week in school.  Everyone participated in so many fun activities, read so many books and explored a variety of authors and illustrators. Our sponsored spell to...

Reading in unusual places

09 Mar 2019

Some of the amazing entries in our 'Reading in unusual places' competition. Well done to everyone who took part.

Inclusive PE

04 Mar 2019

Facing some of our fears in inclusive PE session. Developing our gross motor skills, confidence and teamwork skills.

Staff member receives inclusive nomination

22 Feb 2019

Miss Abrahams has received a very special nomination from one of our families. The Rotherham Parent Carer Forum has been asking its members to nominate people who have had a positive impat on their...

Y4 visit to Danelaw

17 Feb 2019

Our Y4 team visited Danelaw this week as part of their project learning abour Raiders and Traders. They lived as Roman soliders for the day and learned through first hand experiences. On returning ba...

School Clubs

15 Feb 2019

This week children have continued engaging in some of the clubs we have on offer. A new lunchtime domino club has proved so popular - this club has seen team work, reslience and perseverance to creat...

Busy week in school

09 Feb 2019

It has been a busy week in school.  All classes have been working hard on their project work this week - some children have been learning how to play a new musical instrument too. {! gallery_by...

Maths Week

31 Jan 2019

We have been having a slightly different focus within our maths lessons. The children have become the teachers!!! Miss Jepson set each class a challenge - to create a times table song to a tune of th...

Virtual Reality Day - Where did you go?

19 Jan 2019

Children across school went exploring places around the world, through a virtual reality experience. Year 3 went deep inside a volcano, they also jet packed across the world to Russia and Ethiopia. Y...

Author David Lawrence Jones visits school

19 Jan 2019

David Lawrence Jones visited school to share his experiences of being an author and his writing journey from childhood to adulthood. He gave us an amazing afternoon of enjoyment and inspired many chi...

Visit from the mounted police

12 Jan 2019

One of our Y5 children produced the winning Christmas Card design for South Yorkshire Police.  In response to this, we were lucky enough to be visited by six police horses and their riders. We w...

Gervase Phinn opens our outdoor classroom

12 Jan 2019

We would like to thank author, Gervase Phinn for visiting school this week to officially open our outdoor classroom. The children were very excited to meet Gervase and knew lots about his books. FABS...

Christmas 2018

21 Dec 2018

Wishing all of our families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The children have enjoyed creating cards and calendars along with performing our outstanding Christmas productions for our fam...

Celebrating Our Choir

10 Dec 2018

A wonderful afternoon at the Rotherham Minster celerating the beautiful voices of our choir: the children were a credit to our school and families and really captivated the joy...

Celebration Assemblies

07 Dec 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our out of school learning assemblies this week. Some amazing effort by lots of children.

Winter Wonderland Spectacular!

06 Dec 2018

Winter Wonderland was an amazing event in our BSJS calendar with lots of our children attending and having a fabulous time!  It was an outstanding success with an abundanc...

Recognising Our Remarkable Readers In Autumn Term I

30 Nov 2018

As part of our new reading launch in September to raise the profile of reading at home, 35 lucky children were chosen to attend the Christmas performance of Dick Whittington to...

Tree Planting with Clumber Park Rangers

27 Nov 2018

We had an amazing day working with rangers from Clumber Park to develop our outdoor area.  Every child was involved in clearing, cutting, digging and planting trees. We ar...

Be Bright, Be Safe

14 Nov 2018

The whole school went bright and colourful, thinking about keeping safe on dark nights. The children had a special assembly and by the end, had a clear understanidng about how t...

Anti-Bullying Week

12 Nov 2018

We were so excited to be invited to attend a special anti-bullying celebration event, held at the New York Stadium. The morning included a drama performance for Rotherham Colleg...